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99% यकिन था कि तु मेरी नही
पर उस 1% ने मुझे किसी का होने भी
नही दिया...!!!

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Added 3 days ago

This is to say that
I love you from the core of me heart.
I need you and cant think of my life without you!!

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Added 5 days ago

Valentines Day is a day of love,
so mum, I want to say that no-one gives more love than you,
You brighten everyday.
You deserve my undying love,
You earned it from the start.
So on Valentines Day I give to you.
A very special place in my heart!

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Added 5 days ago

You are the most wonderful man I have ever met.
You light up my life and I am always complete
and happy when I am by your side I will love you forever.
You put a smile in my heart.

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Added 5 days ago

Love is deep & beautiful feeling of the heart..
Love gives sparkling glow to the face,
Love like dream come true..
Happy Valentines Day.

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Added 5 days ago
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