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Don't Look Back
Just Keep On Walking..!

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Added 1 year ago

U Can't Force Someone To
Be Happy
Just As U Cannot Force A Tree
To Grow
All U Can Do Is Provide The Water
And Sunlight..!

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Added 1 year ago

God Uses Broken Things
Broken Clouds Pour Rain
Broken Soil Sets As Fields
Broken Crop Yield Seeds
Broken Seeds Give Life To New
So When You Feel You Are Broken
Be Assured That God Is Planning
To Utilize You For Something Great..!

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Faith Is Like A Generator
It Gives Us Power When Everything
Else Fails...!

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Avoiding Something Doesn't Always Mean
That U Hate It
It Could Also Mean That U Want It But U Just
Know That It Isn't Yours..!

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Added 1 year ago
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