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Mano Ya Na Mano , Jo Khusi Exam Khatm Ho Jane Ke Bad Milti Hai Wo Aur Kahi Nahi Milti

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Added 2 years ago

3 Reasons 2 Give Exam

1. U Can Spend 3 Hours In Self Meditation.

2. U Can Complete Ur Sleep.

3. U Can See Ur Teachers Being Bored Who Usually Bore U

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Added 3 years ago

New way of writting answers in exams.
If you don’t know the answer,
then put lines like this :
and write below :
“Scratch here for ANSWERS”

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Added 4 years ago

Special offer..Bring a chit on exam day,
scratch and show it to your nearest teacher and
win free trip to Principal's office and enjoy 3 years vacation at home.
Hurry offer valid until exams only..

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Added 5 years ago

Samunder bhar syllabus hain,
Nadi bhar padh pate hain,
Balti bhar yaad reheta hain,
Mug bhar likh pate hain,
Chullu bhar number aate hain,
Aur usimein doob kar mar jaate hain

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Added 5 years ago
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