Day Wishes SMS [World Music Day SMS]

Headphone On, Music On
Life Stops, Problems Off
Happy World Music Day..!!

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Added 5 years ago

“Life is not a music player,
To listen your favourite songs.”
It is a radio, U must adjust
Urself to every frequency
And enjoy whatever comes in it
Happy World Music Day

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Added 5 years ago

The Most Beautiful Music in the world is your
own heart beat It gives an assurance that
you will survive even when the whole world
leaves U alone
Happy World Music Day to You

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Added 5 years ago

My Mornings Starts With Music
My Nights Ends With Music
My Life without the Music Is
Like Child without the Parents
Happy World Music Day To U

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Added 5 years ago

Relationship is like a Violin,
Music may stop now & then,
But strings are attached forever.
So if you be in touch or not,
You are always remembered.
Happy World Music Day..

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Added 5 years ago