Day Wishes SMS [Father's Day SMS]

जेब खाली हो फिर भी मना नहीं करते देखा ...
मैंने पिता से अमीर इंसान नहीं देखा !!
love u papa

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Added 1 year ago

*है लहू जिनका मेरी रगों में, *तेवर भी उन्हीं का वरदान है,*
*शान से जीना सिखाया* *जिसने, "पापा" उनका नाम है*
*happy* *Father's Day*

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Added 2 years ago

Meri hasi meri khushi hai papa mere,
Mere bachpan ka khilona hai papa mere,
Jinki zindagi me jaan hun mein,
Wo hai pyar papa mere..
Happy Fathers Day Dad..

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Added 2 years ago

Meri pehchan hai mere papa,
Mere aasman hai mere papa,
Jo hai lakhon mein ek,
Wo meri jaan hai mere papa.

I Love You Papa

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Added 2 years ago

Do u know whats the meaning of FATHER?

F = Forever With His Family
A = Always There For You No Matter What
T = The Only One Who’s There
H = He’s My Hero Till The End
E = Encouraging In Everything I Do
R = Really The Only One..

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Added 2 years ago
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