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A Frnd Is Someone Who Can See Ur Pain
When U Are Fooling Everyone Else..!

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Added 3 years ago

My Favorite Quate

Friendship Is Like Mirror.
Handle With Care,
Ones It Will Break,
It Will Become Very Hard To Repair...

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Friends Are Like Street Lights
Along The Road. They Don’t
Make The Distance Any Shorter,
But They Light Up The Path
& Make The Walk Worthwhile.

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Beautiful Friendship Line:
Cn't say hw much I like u and hw special
u r to me...
but, I can say,"My World is Full Of Smiles
whenever u r wit Me"

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Education gives Quality of Life"
"Money gives Quality of Respect"

"Lovers gives Quality of Love"

But "Friendship gives Quality of Heart.

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Added 5 years ago
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