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LOve Is COmmOn EmOtiOn That COmes
TO EveryOne,
If YOu Get WhOm YOu LOve,
That's Achievement, ......
If YOu Get WhO LOves YOu,
That's Life ... !

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True Fact -
The Rain Falls Because The Sky Can,
No Longer Handle It Weight.
Tears Fall Because The Heart Can,
No Longer Handle The Pain!

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The Most Beautiful Words By
Wounded Heart..
"I Never Stopped Loving U
I Just Stopped Showing U..!"

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Love seems to be life,wealth,happiness but it is nothing but a nervous feelings
|LOVE means,

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If you love someone, "show it".
It's better than "telling it".

If you hate someone, "tell it" it's better
than "showing it". Geet

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